Keeping your logo and company imagery consistent across marketing media is crucial to establish a brand identity. Having a style guide gives everyone the information they need to use your logo consistently for printing, websites, signage, apparel and more!

Why is Branding important?
Think of it like this: Your BRAND is your company’s fingerprint. Whatever it touches it will always stay the same.

To create a memorable name for your company you need to establish guidelines under which your logo, tagline and contact information stay the same. This way, your logo is instantly recognizable as THE company to call in your industry.

Things to Establish in Your Guidelines:
•  Logo (Correct and Incorrect versions)
•  Colors (Pantone Colors, CMYK values, and Hex for the Web)
•  Fonts (Preferred Sizing, Color and Placement)
•  Images (Approved Images or “Emotion” of Preferred Images)
•  Web Graphics and Ads (Logos, Banner Ads)
•  Mission and Vision Statement and how they translate into your Brand

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